The New River Teaching Alliance has been successful in its bid to the National College for Teaching and Leadership to receive funding to undertake a “Themed 3 Project” exploring the research question: 

How can leaders lead successful teaching school alliances which enable the development of consistently great pedagogy?

Each alliance working on Themed 3 is following a research methodology appropriate to their enquiry within a common framework designed by an allocated national research team. Themed 3 is using an action research framework alongside Professor David H Hargreaves’ maturity model.

The Maturity Model for teaching schools developed by David H Hargreaves and the work with ISOS on funding and governance models for teaching schools are closely connected to this project.

Once the project launch meeting at the College, to take place at the end of September,opportunities for New River teaching staff to get involved will arise and timescales will be communicated.

For further queries, please contact Florence Fineberg: Research and Development Lead – New River Teaching Alliance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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