What is Closing the Gap: Test and Learn?

The Closing the Gap: Test and Learn Project is the first ever attempt to use randomised trials to test multiple interventions simultaneously and at scale to close attainment gaps by comparing intervention schools with control schools. This will mean that the project will help reveal what works reliably in many contexts whilst helping us to work together to close gaps for vulnerable learners.

Why is my school taking part?

The benefits include:

  • The opportunity for a target group of your pupils to experience an intervention which has been identified as having potential to improve learning and outcomes for the most vulnerable children and young people.
  • Training and resources to develop capacity to use the intervention with target pupils during the trial and more widely across the school in the future.
  • Training and resources to develop capacity to collect and analyse high quality impact data and use other rigorous enquiry processes  for practice and school development purposes.
  • Access to tools and resources after the trial period.
  • The opportunity to learn with and from other schools tackling similar issues and trialling the same or different approaches.
  • Access to good quality diagnostic information about your vulnerable pupils from the assessments being used.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the national professional knowledge base about what works to close the gap.

New River Teaching Alliance Involvement

Alexandra Park School, Woodside High and Fortismere have been selected to trial the interventions below over the next two years (timings depend on which intervention we work on).This will be with the full financial (and logistical) support of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, Curee and the University of Durham.

  • Woodside High: Achievement for All
  • Alexandra Park School: Research Lesson Study
  • Fortismere: Response to intervention (learning and behavioural needs)

Opportunities to get involved in these projects will arise in alliance schools once timescales have been communicated by the National College.

For further queries, please contact Florence Fineberg: Research and Development Lead – New River Teaching Alliance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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